Political System

Legal basis  Constitution of 2 February 1987 

Form of government

Presidential Republic

Head of state

President (also head of government), directly elected for 6 years


Congress composed of two chamber on the model of the USA

• Senate: 24 members, elected for 6 years (3-year rotation)

• House of Representatives: max. 261 deputies, elected for 3 years


President Benigno Simeon Aquino III 


Jejomar C. Binay


20 Minister, appointed by the President and responsible for farm reform, work and employment, external affairs, education and culture, energy, financial affairs, health, infrastructure, internal affairs, justice, agriculture, management, publicity, social affairs, tourism, the environment, transport and communication, defence, the economy, science and technology

Membership of international organisations (extract)

ADB  Asian Development Bank 
APEC  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 
ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations 
ASEF  Asia Europe Foundation 
FEALAC Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation 
IBRD  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) 
ICC  International Chamber of Commerce 
IDA  International Development Organisation 
IFC  International Finance Corporation 
ILO  International Labour Organisation 
IMF  International Monetary Fund 
UN  United Nations 
WIPO  World Intellectual Property Organisation 
WTO  World Trade Organisation